At ESLGI students and teachers are partners in learning. Together we will work towards your success.

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As with any partnership, learning a new language also requires commitment from both sides. We ask our students to enter this partnership with some obligations of their own. While we understand that there is life outside the walls of ESLGI, the smartest and easiest way to reach your goals is to make these promises to yourself, and in doing that you have won half the battle.



Practice makes English perfect

Speak, speak, speak as much English as you possibly can, outside of class. Even when you are with people from the same country, make it a policy to speak in English.



Work at home

Be diligent about completing your assigned homework. That gives the teacher a better understanding of how capable you are of handling independent work. Of course it goes without saying that home work includes speaking English when you are away from class too.



Punctuality is the best policy

The classes will begin on time, no excuses. Tardiness will make you miss valuable lesson time, which the teacher maybe unable to make up just for you. Besides, time credits are as important as project credits.



Treat others as you would want to be treated

Respect is key at ESLGI. Students and staff are from different cultural backgrounds and while we don’t expect you to know or understand everyone’s sensitivities, respect towards students and staff is mandatory. ESLGI has zero tolerance towards drugs, alcohol, smoking (of any kind), foul language, and misuse of school property.


ESL Global Institute is a premier English Language Institute, where classes are taught by professionals from different fields, coming together with the same passion. ESLGI believes that communication is integral to the immigrant’s journey into the United States and offers English classes to beginners, intermediate, and advanced adult students.