How Important is English in your Career Development?

Over 400 million people in the world speak English as their first language. It second only to Mandarin as the most spoken language in the world. Recent studies show that about two-thirds of all professionals around the world are learning English in order to be more eligible for jobs in both their native country and overseas. And in the era of globalization, more and more businesses have to compete in the global marketplace. This makes prospective employees with a good command of the English language — both written and spoken – highly desirable by employers. This makes improving one’s in English communication skills one of the biggest priorities of those seeking to advance their careers. Learning English entails a lot of opportunities for professional growth, including:

1. Eligibility for higher paying jobs


Proficiency in English can open up career opportunities as both top companies and the most in-demand jobs require candidates to possess excellent English communication skills. A number of studies show that those with an advanced knowledge of the language are more likely to advance in their careers than those who don’t. For instance, Hiroshi Mikitani, co-founder and CEO of the Rakuten Group in Japan, requires his staff to learn English. Mikitani sees an English speaking workforce as absolutely necessary for the company international growth and success. He has gone so far as to warn employees who haven't reach the desired level of proficiency that failure to do so can result in their demotion or even termination.

2. Travel abroad

Many global firms from non-English speaking countries are adopting it as their official language in order to be more competitive on the global stage. As the lingua franca of international business, learning English can open up employment opportunities with leading international firms, potentially helping you jump start your career abroad.

3. Better at decision-making

According to the research of Antonella Sorace, Professor of Development Linguistics at Edinburgh University, multilinguals are better decision makers because of their ability to approach a problem with emotional distance and greater rationality. This is because learning an additional language trains them to approach problems more systematically and with a wider perspective. Therefore, learning English doesn’t just improve one’s ability to communicate, but their ability to think critically as well.

Better negotiation skills

English skills can broaden your outlook and boost your confidence, giving you the soft-skills needed to handle common business situations such as presentation, persuasion, and negotiation. It can also improve creative problem solving, essential in business negotiations that involve balancing the conflicting interests of different groups.

There are many benefits to learning the English language. For those seeking professional growth, it is essential for you to build your communication skills and make it a top priority to learn the English language.

About ESL Global Institute

ESL Global Institute (ESLGI) is an English Language Institute where classes are taught by professionals with diverse expertise from different fields such as business and the academe. ESLGI believes that communication is integral to the immigrant’s journey into the United States and offers English classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced adult students. ESLGI helps its students gain more confidence in the English language so they can perform better at school or in the workplace.

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