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What do an executive, a student and a housewife have in common when they first land in America? They are all motivated by a desire to speak and understand English and be able to join the mainstream of life in America quickly and painlessly.

At ESLGI we make this dream a reality. We understand the difficulty of speakers of other languages and the challenges they face coming from different countries and varied backgrounds. We help them learn the language and the ways of the new world they’ve stepped into.

You could be an executive needing to understand the business idiom or make effective presentations; you could be a homemaker having to find your way around the everyday demands of life, or you could be a student who needs a solid grounding in English to be able to succeed at school.

You will find the answers at ESLGI.
Read on, and find out where you fit in.
Give us a call and we’ll make your transition in America a pleasant and memorable one.


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