ESLGI has English language courses specially designed for immigrants at different stages of learning English.

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ESLGI has English language courses specially designed for immigrants at different stages of learning English. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps in English or you are at the intermediate or advanced levels, we have a course for you. We conduct assessment tests before you begin, so we know your level and can therefore plan your lessons. If you are preparing to enter an educational institute here in the US or planning to emigrate to Canada or Australia, we offer coaching for TOEFL and IELTS exams. We are proud to say that 90% of our students reach their goals and have gone beyond too. We’ll blame the other 10% on CoViD-19.

All our classes are online, as is the new normal. We miss our Institute, but our Zoom classes are no less interesting. We offer private lessons and group classes (the groups are smaller and more intimate, so we can focus more on each student) at all levels.

Absolute Beginners:

We believe that for absolute beginners, the best place to start is at the very beginning. So we begin with the alphabet and phonics, work our way through syllables and then on to speaking and reading simple words and sentences.

Our curriculum includes listening and basic grammar. Ours is a common-sense approach, where our priority is to bring our students out of their shell and give them the confidence to start their English language journey.

Low- and High Beginners:

Our courses are tailored to the class and the level of the students, because we believe that there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Our curriculum is designed with communication challenges our students face in their daily life.

Therefore, whether it’s emailing a teacher at their child’s school or making an appointment with the dentist or just asking for directions, we make sure that our students are geared up for it. This is their safe place to learn and practice real-life conversation skills.

Intermediate students: Low and high levels

Many immigrants have already studied high school English in their home countries, and are somewhat familiar with grammatical rules. Our Intermediate curriculum tackles application of grammar to practical life: everyday conversation to academics and job readiness.

Topics include shopping, health, community, social and earth sciences, and entertainment. The high intermediate classes will move on to critical thinking and real-world scenarios, where they learn to express themselves through more complex sentence structures and vocabulary. Introduction to idioms and slang is an important part of language acquisition at this stage.

Advanced Learners:

Our curriculum caters to learners who aim to hone their language skills and achieve fluency through enhanced vocabulary and application of complex grammar structures. They shore up on idioms and phrasal verbs through interactions with our native speaker guests.

We work with IT professionals, college students entering employment, those who visit the US on business and those set to climb the corporate ladder. Our courses cater to all those learners who are ready to translate their thought to verbal expression with fluency and confidence.

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