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Every day, approximately 144.8 billion emails are sent worldwide. That total is roughly 20 times the world’s population. Email is still considered as the primary channel of business communication, and your conduct over email not only determines whether you are understood, but also how you are perceived by your colleagues.

In this post, we will explore the four benefits of effective email writing for career development that many professionals overlook.

Benefit #1: Effective email writing allows you to create a favorable first impression


The first communication you make with a potential employer, superior, colleague, or client is often through email. A professionally written email gives you the opportunity to deliver a good first impression by showcasing your personality, character, and competence.

Unfortunately, most professionals fail to capitalize on this opportunity by delivering rushed or poorly written emails. By not taking the time to carefully consider how they would like their intended readers to perceive them, they sabotage their chances of advancing in their career. Decision makers may not have a full picture of who you are and what you are capable of. As such, their basis for promoting or hiring you will be highly influenced by the impression they get from your email.

Successful professionals showcase not only their expertise and competence, but also their personality and character. This sends positive signals to others, making them professionally viable and desirable. This also allows employers to quickly assess whether a candidate is the right fit for the company’s culture and values.

Benefit #2: Effective email writing increases your chances of getting hired

According to research, 59% of hiring managers considers spelling and grammar errors on resumes as a deal breaker when hiring candidates. But even before a candidate’s resume reaches the desk of a hiring manager, the candidate needs to reach out to them through email. This initial email introduction is just as critical as the resume.

Executives consider excellent writing skills to be reflective of the candidate’s intelligence and communication skills. Based on the way a candidate writes and introduces themselves through email, the employer is not only able to make an assessment of their experience and expertise in the relevant field or role, but also whether they will be able to effectively collaborate with the rest of the organization.

Benefit #3: Effective email writing helps you get promoted

Top managers and executives spend a lot of time checking and double-checking their emails before sending them. This is not only to ensure that mistakes are avoided, but also to ensure that the information and instructions they contain are clear and precise. That’s why, before promoting an employee, they also carefully assess how well he/she communicates through email. Is he/she careful when writing emails? Can he/she give clear and effective directions to the team that will execute them? Will he/she communicate with potential clients in a manner that addresses their needs and strengthens their confidence and loyalty to the business?

Given two professionals with the same set of skills, the one that will get promoted is typically the one with the stronger communication skills.

Benefit #4: Effective email writing boosts your productivity

Did you know that people spend 11.2 hours — a quarter of the typical 40-hour workweek — just reading and replying to emails?

Writing better emails allows professionals, especially managers, to better drive the efficiency and productivity of their teams. Writing clear and concise instructions through email enables teams to work effectively, avoid mistakes, and do things right the first time.

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