Four Surprising Benefits of Email Writing for Career Development

Every day, about 144.8 billion emails are sent worldwide. That is about 20 times the world’s population. With email still considered as the main channel of business communications, how someone...

Why Watching Movies Alone Won’t Help You Learn English

Watching movies and TV shows in English can help you improve the way you speak and understand the language. Hearing people use the language in its most current form will help you become familiar with...

10 Fun and Easy Ways to Learn Beginner English Faster

Learning English should be fun and exciting. Here are ten fun and easy ways to learn English for beginners:. 1. Go out and learn as you go. Road signs, bulletin boards, posters, magazine...

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your English Conversation Skills

A lot has been written about how to improve your English conversation skills. But sometimes, the advice can be so technical that it ends up overwhelming you instead. So for this post, we will explore...


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